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Condos are known for their convenience and modern sensibility. If you live in a condo, a built-in closet for your Vaughan residence may be exactly the type of space saving design you need to stay organized and live comfortably. Condos are a great place to live, especially in the GTA. However, it takes careful planning and organization to make the most of your space. For those that have a studio or one bedroom place, a well-designed, organized closet can be the difference between living comfortably or out of your suitcase. Professional home organizers are able to customize and build high-quality individualized solutions to suit the need and space requirements of their customers. Whether you’re looking to accommodate your extensive shoe collection or growing collection of formal attire, a home organizer can design a solution for you that is built to last and add more functionality to your condo space. Perhaps the most important function of an organized closet is that everything has its own place, is easy to find, and can be put back without any hassle.

Formal Attire

If you have an extensive collection of formal attire, you know the importance of having enough space to hang all your shirts and pants. A home organizer can design a custom closet that keeps your shirts, pants, belts, suits, and ties hung, organized, and easy to sort through. Of course, having an ironing board helps keep your clothes looking fresh and new.  For most people, keeping an ironing board in their studio apartment is bulky, unattractive, and unfortunately, a necessary evil. An experienced home organizer can install a foldout ironing board that drops down from within your closet, helping you save space and hide it when it is not in use.


Shoe racks and shelves are a great way to keep your shoe collection organized and within reach.  No matter the size of your shoe collection, there are solutions available that can accommodate your needs. If you have seasonal boots or other footwear, you can place them on higher shelves during off seasons and switch them to your main rack when the time comes.


Whether you have a purse collection or a small collection of briefcases, laptop bags, and drawstring bags, it’s important to have a sensible space for them in your closet. Bags can be hung on racks, hooks, or placed on shelves, put on display or in a safer, less visible area. No matter your intention, it is important to have a place for your bags that allows for easy access while getting ready.
Living in a condo doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the functionality and comfort level of a normal home. If you live in a condo, built-in closet solutions can turn your Vaughan residence into a home that can support your lifestyle and needs. Professional home organizers can help create custom solutions tailored to your situation that both look great and suit your needs.

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